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Our Story

We are a young couple who loves to travel around the world and stay in extraordinary accommodations.
From our hobby we have made a profession and offer different apartments and in the future also houses.
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Farmhouse Apartment

Farmhouse Apartment

Our brand new apartment and not finished until 2022. A special character gives it over 100 years old house in which it is located.
Modern loft

Modern loft

Open, cozy and bright are the characteristics that describe this unique apartment. Also this apartment was completely renovated and refurbished in 2022

Christmas Special

For the Christmas season runs in our apartments a winter special with 10% discount on each stay








The Day Of

Uncomplicated and without contact.
The check in is very simple, you get the code for the key box on the day of the check in.

Farmhouse Apartment


This open apartment has over 90 square meters and three rooms. A large bedroom with king size bed and an adjoining office provides the perfect living experience.
The bas was also renovated as recently as mid 2022.

Modern Loft



This modern and only 2022 finished apartment shines with its uniqueness. The loft gets a special character from rustic elements that have been carrying the house for over 100 years.


Feel free to contact us at any time via the channels below. We will be happy to answer all your questions.
Farmhouse Apartment

+49 1607923998